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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ralphs: 6/29 - 7/5/11

Note: This summary of deals is based on the ad I get in Los Angeles, where Ralphs stores double coupons up to $1 (one like coupon per transaction). I don't list all of the deals, only the good ones. If I missed any, please let us all know in the comments. You'll need a Ralphs Rewards card to get most of these deals, so I use the Rewards card price in this post and assume you have your card scanned with each transaction. In addition to the coupons listed, you can also add electronic coupons to your Ralphs Rewards card at these sites:,, Softcoin and Upromise. Electronic coupons are not supposed to stack at Ralphs. I don't print every coupon, so please verify amounts and quantities listed. If you give Ralphs your email address, they may also send you emails with e-coupons that are exclusive to your card. If you give them your snail mail address, they may send coupon mailers to you. And if you bring reuseable bags, Ralphs will give you 5 Rewards points for each bag used (though you may need to remind the cashier).

At least some stores in LA County are still doubling multiple like coupons, though that may be changing. At this point, I don't think we can take anything for granted.

There's an 8-hour sale on Thursday. You can see the details on that here.

There's a Daytona Mega Sale, so buy 10 participating items and get $3 off at checkout (no $3 Catalina this time). There are probably more items tagged in store that aren't listed in the ad, so keep an eye out for shelf tags. Prices listed are after Mega Sale discount:

Gatorade or G2 $0.69

Kool-Aid Jammers or Capri Sun $1.49

Klondike Treats $2.69

Breyer's Ice Cream $2.69
$1.25/3 Breyer’s Ice Cream Products printable (FF or IE)
$0.50/1 Breyers Ice Cream Product Ralphs eCoupon
As low as $2.19

Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.69

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.49
$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 5/22/2011 SS
$0.50/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks Cellfire ecoupon
$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Ralphs eCoupon

General Mills Cereal $2.49 (original Cheerios pictured)
$1/2 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal 6/26/2011 SS
$1/2 General Mills Cereal 6/19/2011 SS
$1/3 General Mills Cereal 5/22/2011 SS
$0.75/1 General Mills MultiGrain Cheerios Cereal Cellfire ecoupon
$0.50/1 General Mills Cheerios Cereal Ralphs eCoupon
$0.55/1 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios Ralphs eCoupon
As low as $1.74

Coca-Cola Soft Drinks 2-Liter $0.89

Bounty Paper Towels 6 big or 8 regular rolls $6.99
$1/1 Bounty Basic Paper Towels 6/12/2011 RP, if included in sale
$0.25/1 Bounty Paper Towels or Napkins 6/5/2011 or 7/3/2011 P&G
$0.25/1 Bounty Towels Ralphs eCoupon
$0.50/1 Bounty Paper Towels Upromise eCoupons
As low as $5.99

Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 double rolls $5.99

Hot or Lean Pockets $1.99
$1/1 Hot Pockets Snackers 6/26/2011 SS, if included in sale

Country Crock Spread $2.49
$1/1 Country Crock Spread May 2011 All You

Kraft Singles $2.99

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.49
$0.25/1 Ragú Pasta Sauce Ralphs eCoupon

Eggo Waffles $1.99

Best Foods Mayonnaise $3.49
$0.40/2 Best Foods 6/26/2011 RP
$3.09 each WYB 2

Banquet Brown N Serve Sausage or Entrees $0.69

Ritz Crackers $2.49
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies 6/19/2011 SS
$1.99 each WYB 2

Planters Roasted Peanuts $2.49

Oreo Cookies $2.99
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies 6/19/2011 SS
$2.49 each WYB 2

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $0.99
$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits 4/17/2011 SS
$0.69 each WYB 2

Chef Boyardee Pasta $0.69

Kraft Mac & Cheese 5-pack, or Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells & Cheese 4-pack $3.99

Oscar Mayer Wieners $1.49
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 5/15/2011 or 6/19/2011 SS
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs printable (no longer available?)
$0.99 each WYB 2

Country Time Mix $0.99
$1/1 Country Time Drink Mix Ralphs eCoupon

Cheetos or Fritos $1.49

Pop-Tarts 12-ct $2.49
$1/3 Kelloggs Pop Tarts 5/15/2011 RP
$2.16 each WYB 3

M&M's Candy $0.99

Purex Detergent or Liquid Fabric Softener $2.99
$1/1 Purex Complete with Zout printable (choose coupon option instead of free sample)

Coffee-Mate $2.99
$0.55/1 Coffee-Mate printable
$0.75/2 Coffee-Mate printable

Hefty One Zip Bags $1.49
$1/2 Hefty Storage Bags 4/10/2011 RP
$0.99 each WYB 2

Pedigree Dog Food $12.67
$1/1 Pedigree Food for Dogs printable

Excedrin Pain Relief 80-100 ct $9.69
$1.50/1 Excedrin Product 80-ct+ 6/5/2011 SS
$0.75/1 Excedrin Product 6/5/2011 SS
$1/1 Excedrin PM printable or printable

Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups Training Pants $9.69
$1.50/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants 6/12/2011 SS
$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers 6/12/2011 SS
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants printable
As low as $7.69

Dial Body Wash $3.99
$2/1 Dial Lotion or Body Wash 6/12/2011 RP

Personal Watermelon $1.88 each
$0.55/1 Dulcinea PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelon 6/5/2011 RP, if included in sale

Nabisco Crackers $1.99 (Wheat Thins and Triscuit pictured)
$1/1 Nabisco Wheat Thin Crunch Stix 4/17/2011 SS
$1/2 Nabisco Wheat Thins Facebook printable
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies 6/19/2011 SS
As low as $0.99

Nestle Pure Life Water 24-pack $3.50
$1/2 Nestle Pure Life Water Multipacks printable
$3 each WYB 2

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $4.99
$1.25/1 California Pizza Kitchen Pizza & Appetizer 5/1/2011 SS (exp 6/30), if included in sale

DiGiorno Pizza $4.99
$1.25/1 DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies 4/17/2011 RP (exp 6/30), if included in sale
$1.25/1 DiGiorno Pizza & Wyngz 4/17/2011 RP (exp 6/30), if included in sale

Ronzoni Pasta $1 (Regular and Healthy Harvest pictured; Garden Delight was not included in the last $1 sale)
$1/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 5/15/2011 SS, if included in sale
$0.55/1 Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta 4/10/2011 SS, if included in sale
$1/2 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta printable, if included in sale
As low as FREE

Tide Detergent $4.99 each WYB 2
$0.35/1 Tide Laundry Detergent 6/5/2011 P&G
$0.50/1 Tide Laundry Detergent 7/3/2011 P&G
$0.35/1 Tide Liquid Detergent Ralphs eCoupon
As low as $3.99 each WYB 2 and use 2 coupons, if your doubles multiples

Solo Plastic Cups $3.50
$1/2 Solo or Bare by Solo Products 6/19/2011 SS
$3 each WYB 2

Kettle Brand Potato Chips $2.99
$1/1 Kettle Brand Potato Chips 6/19/2011 RP

Smart ones $2.50
$2/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Facebook printable
$1/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Products printable
$1/4 Smart Ones Entrees Ralphs eCoupon
As low as $2.10 each WYB 5

Smirnoff Vodka $17.99
$1/1 Smirnoff, Red Stripe or Jeremiah Weed 6/26 RP

Dole Classic Coleslaw $1.50
$0.50/1 Dole Coleslaw Kit printable, if included in sale

Steak Sale 50% off
  • T-Bone
  • Rib Eye
  • New York
  • Top Sirloin
Foster Farms Whole Chicken $0.69/lb

Wild-Caught Keta Salmon Fillets $3.99/lb

Pork Baby Back Ribs $3.99/lb

Boneless Top Round London Broil $3.99/lb

Private Selection Angus Ground Beef $3.99/lb

Center Cut Pork Loin Chops $3.99/lb

Wild-Caught Ahi Tuna Steaks $3.99/lb

Lobster Tails $8.99 each (4-oz)

Wild-Caught Red Snapper or Dove Sole Fillets $6.99/lb

Strawberries $0.99/1-lb pkg

Roma Tomatoes $0.99/lb

Hass Avocados $1.25 each

Yellow Peaches or Nectarines $1.99/lb

Granny Smith Apples $1.25/lb

Mangos $0.99/lb

Corn 3/$1

Lemons or Limes $1.50/1-lb bag

Red or White Potatoes $0.69/lb

Jumbo Yellow Sweet Onions $0.99/lb

Organic Mini Carrots $1.50/1-lb pkg

Private Selection Organic Salad $3

Organic Peaches or Nectarines $2.49/lb

Kroger or Taylor Farms Vegetable Trays $8.99

Ralphs Cheese Shreds, Slices, and Singles $1.99

Minute Maid Punch or Lemonade $1

Simply Juice or Lemonade $1

Coca-Cola 12-packs 4/$11 WYB 4

Lay's Potato Chips $1.99

Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite or Tecate $15.99 each WYB 2

Van de Kamp Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $1

Ralphs Half Gallon Milk $1.67

Ralphs Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream $1.25

Pepsi Soft Drinks 4/$10 WYB 4

7-UP Soft Drinks 4/$10 WYB 4

Horizon Organic Milk 1/2 Gallon $3.50

Cool Whip $1.25

Ralphs Frozen Potatoes $1.89

Cool Classics Sammies, Sundae Cups, or Private Selection Reserve Ice Cream $2.69

5-stem Gladiolus $1.99

Private Selection Roses $9.99/doz

Firecracker Bouquet $9.99

Banner via Escalate Media Network

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  • At 6/30/11, 2:10 PM, Blogger Thabal said…

    Went to Ralphs for the 8-hour sale. The 99c Raspberries are Driscoll's brand. There is a 55c printable, making it free. Also, the watermelon on sale includes Dulcinea :) Thanks.

  • At 6/30/11, 3:24 PM, Blogger devaedelman said…

    My Ralph's in San Diego had the Garden Delights included in the Ronzoni sale. I had one of the $1/1 coupons, so I was able to get it for free.

  • At 6/30/11, 4:43 PM, Blogger Chief Family Officer said…

    @Thabal - I totally forgot about the sale, LOL! Thanks for the update!

    @devaedelman - That's great news, thanks! I'm excited, b/c my kids actually like the tricolor pasta :)

  • At 6/30/11, 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    there's also a printable coupon for banquet entrees 50/2 which should double up to 1/2...making them 19 cents a piece.


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