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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walgreens Starter Scenarios: 7/24 - 7/30/11

You'll find a list of this week's Walgreens deals here.

If you're new to The Drugstore Game, these new starter transactions will help you get your feet wet and show you how The Drugstore Game can save you money on things you already buy. If you don't understand the transactions, read my Drugstore Game Primer, Common Sense with Money's FAQ (which has a handy explanation of acronyms), and my explanation of How to Play The Drugstore Game at Walgreens. In these transactions, I assume that you do not have any Register Rewards to start with.

Transaction #1:
2 Irish Spring Deodorant or Body Wash @ 2/$6

2 x $1/1 Irish Spring Deodorant 7/24/2011 Smart Source

Pay: $4 + tax
Receive: $4 RR

Transaction #2:
2 Crest Pro Health @ 2/$4.98
1 W Brand Perfection Tampons @ $1.50

2 x $1/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel 6/5/2011 P&G Insert
$4 RR from previous transaction

Pay: $0.48 + tax
Receive: $3 RR for Crest + $1.50 RR for W Brand Tampons

Transaction #3:
2 Scunci No Damage Hair Elastic @ 2/$3
1 Dentek Comfort Clean Flosser $2.99

$1/1 Dentek Product
$3 RR from previous transaction
$1.50 RR from previous transaction

Pay: $0.49 + tax
Receive: $3 RR for Scunci + $2 RR for Dentek

At this point, you've paid $4.97 + tax for all of these items, plus you have $5 in RR to roll next week or spend on this week's sale items, like Kleenex (buy one, get one free). Spend that $5 RR wisely and it's like you got everything for free!

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  • At 7/24/11, 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anna said…

    My transaction didn't involve register rewards but I had a walgreens coupon for $1.99 skintimate shave cream from the flyer and a $1.50 manufacturers coupon meaning I got the shaving cream for .49 cents. Not too bad considering the shaving cream retails for $4.49


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